Ekta Solanki

Website Design / Web Development

Renowned Bespoke Asian Bridal Wear

Ekta Solanki is a well known name in the world of Asian bridal wear and Asian fashion.  She is known for producing beautiful and elegant bridal wear for celebrities and has been featured in many fashion and bridal magazines.

The challenge

The client’s existing website was quite old, was not responsive and had no means to allow easy updates and management of website content.  We were asked to create a new website which wasn’t too different in terms of look and feel but was mobile responsive and had the ability to generate traffic and capture leads, something the old website failed to do.

The solution

We designed the website from scratch and made sure the look and feel matched the luxury feel of the brand and the outfits which were to feature on the website.  The aim of the website was to generate leads for bridal bookings, and in order to achieve this we had to make sure the website included very simple layouts and a clear call to action which appeared on every page.  By including an enquiry form on each page we were able to reduce the time taken to get to the contact page, which in turn meant acquiring more form fills and leads for the client.

The final website was built on the WordPress platform, providing a content management system for the client.  The website was also mobile responsive which meant the large mobile audience could view the website with no trouble at all.



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